Sunday, March 25, 2012


Title inspired by Game of Thrones. :o)

When I got home on Saturday evening after being out in the rain all day watching a riding clinic I wasn't really in the mood for doing much besides getting warm. But, knowing I'd feel better if I did at least a little bit of sewing, I picked up my scissors and felt and made myself a needle book.

In going through my sewing basket(s) recently, I realized that I have a lot of needles. Well, there are a few in a lot of places, at least. I'd like to get organized a bit more since I'm apparently sewing with gusto, so I think a few needle books are a good way to do so; I can use one for hand quilting, one for yarn projects, and one for general hand sewing. Really I could just put them all in one place, but it's more fun this way - I get to make more books.

I love felt projects. I like making felt flowers especially, so after looking online for an idea of a simple pattern I found some great inspiration for what to do for embellishments on my first book. I'm a believer in imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, so the flowers are very closely related to a pattern I came across in my browsing.

The color combination is what really makes it look great, I think. I'm also happy about it because the felt I used for the large pieces of the book was all material I bought in Amsterdam when we lived there last spring. It will be a great reminder of how fun it was to live in The Netherlands. (Though I found it hard to find good craft stores nearby...)

This was fun! I think I'm going to be making a bunch more...

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  1. This is too cute!!! Where did you find inspiration and the pattern? I would love to make one....


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