Friday, October 5, 2012

Portland cowl

Isn't this the best way to knit?  With a coffee at hand... 

I completely love this cowl. Like I've already worn it 2 or 3 times since finishing it love. It isn't even cold enough yet. It seems I've finally found a type of wool (merino) that I can tolerate on my skin for long periods of time, so it's been pure pleasure romping around in this colorful squishy circle of fabric.

I need an excuse to purchase large quantities of this yarn (madeline tosh vintage) again. It's superwash, so that's a plus, and it's pretty substantial so I bet it will wear really well. The colors are Mica and Venetian, a beautiful combination of silvery gray and a mulberry purple. I really enjoyed threading it through my fingers as I worked, so soft. It is most definitely a contributing factor to why I liked working on this project so much. I'll be saving my pennies for a future splurge, but it will be a while.

It took me a little less than 3 weeks to finish this. The stitch is an easy one to memorize, and it was perfect for working on the plane and evenings on the couch with some new Doc Martin episodes (I think this would fit right in in Port Wynn). I blocked it to 10" wide, and it also looks great folded to 5" wide and wrapped a few times. That and the double-sided nature of the brioche stitch fabric makes this a pretty versatile bit of accessory.

Thumbs up for the Newsprint Cowl pattern, Knit Purl in Portland, and crossing off another 100 day hustle project.

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  1. Pretty cowl and I'm sure it's super soft too! Love Madeline Tosh too!


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