Thursday, August 29, 2013

I come bearing gifts

We are in Kentucky this week for a Labor Day wedding and some down time before we move on to the next big thing, and we will be staying with some friends this weekend who just welcomed a baby boy, Leo.

I have had this flannel print in my stash for a while; everyone has been having girls! I combined it with some pretty light green fleece to make a cute little stroller blanket. It was a quick project, but given the past week (packing up my office, final touches on thesis, cleaning out lab bench...) I needed bang for my proverbial buck. Sometimes simple is quite effective. Layer fabrics, sew around edges, turn, top stitch. Simple and small yet portable and useful. I hear these attributes are handy with younglings.

I also crocheted Leo a little friend. I saw pictures of an awesome knitted nautilus on Flickr, which got me thinking marine. Why not a jellyfish? I personally love jellies, and Leo might be getting plenty of lions to form a small pride. I found a free pattern on Ravelry and picked out some cotton yarn I just happened to have in greens and blues. I think he turned out awesome-ly. I love him.
I could imagine a mobile of these guys over a crib, maybe with other marine friends along for the ride. The tentacles provide some interest for inquisitive eyes and fingers, but are tied in securely so they should stick around for the long haul
Even just one is pretty cute. I may make more of these for little gifties, or I may try some other amurigumi. Who am I kidding, I love me some jellyfish.Welcome to the wide, wonderous world, Leo!

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