Thursday, May 1, 2014

at the end of my rope

I mean that in the literal sense, not the figurative one. Though, ask me in a couple weeks and I might have a different opinion! What I refer to in this case is the fact that I'm mid-sweater, mid-stripe even, and have run out of navy yarn. Oh no! I'm not sure at this point if I have more in my stash at home that I wasn't carrying around with me or if I have to go out and get another skein. The irony of a knitter trying to 'use up leftovers' is that likely more than half the time it leads to the purchase of more yarn. Sigh. At least I don't think I'll have issues with dye lot since these are just Caron acrylics. (hope?)

I don't normally take that many pictures of myself to post here, but I wanted to catalog for myself how long the piece is so far and to do a reality check from neck to arm and from arm to waist. I note that the sweater is just about at my waist --- I'm all leg --- so I only have a few more stripes left. Yay! I just did the first waist increase in the last coral section and it calls for 3 more, one in each of the next stripes, so I may just do those and leave it at that. I think that should bring the length down to around my hips. 

I want the trim to be predominantly navy, so I certainly can't get away with just a little bit of yarn but I'm sure a whole new skein will be far more than enough. Grumble.

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