Friday, October 10, 2014

a partial unicorn

Okay, I must admit. I've been avoiding this project, letting it languish in its tote in the corner, but it is pretty darn cute. 

I thought I'd interrupt the finished object parade this week with a little work in progress. I literally haven't touched this since the end of June, but as I was packing some things up last night I took a look at this and decided it was silly for it to have sat up here this whole time with little progress. So I sat down, made a fourth leg and set to the task of assembly. 

I'm a little bit too detail-oriented to really say I enjoy assembling pieces like this, but I suffered through. Also, my yarn needle is currently awol, so I improvised using the crochet hook, manual dexterity, and sheer stubbornness. I think I got everything on somewhat evenly and in the right places. I do kind of enjoy the jaunty ears. 

He's all set to have a mane and tail now. I'm not sure I'm wild about the way the pattern suggests doing those, so I haven't finished him completely yet. He should be happy to be partially assembled now, but I think he's holding the hairless thing against me. 

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