Wednesday, November 18, 2015

hexagonally inclined

All that cutting at the beginning of the month meant that I've had plenty to keep me busy at the sewing machine. I worked on Samara's quilt in fits and starts, and I'm pretty pleased with where I am right now. I've a ways to go before it is ready to be under the tree, but worry not -- it shall be done! Kepler is totally helping. See his little paws there? He's trying his best. 

Mom and I made a few more blocks, but turns out I was wrong about the number needed to make this layout into a hexagon. As it stood, it was an oblong hexagon - fine, but not what I was going for. Still not sure how I made that mistake, but c'est la vie. I fiddled around a little bit and figured out that I could alternate hexagons and 'blank' spaces around the edge. Those blanks will be filled with diamonds of fabric in a solid, likely neutral linen making the whole a very large hexagonal piece. In the end I wouldn't have come up with this idea without thinking incorrectly first, so I'll call it serendipity. 

I spent the better part of an afternoon adding the interstitial triangles. I put everything out on the floor how it was meant to be and managed to figure out how to assemble everything with no y-seams by staring at it for a few minutes. I just have to add the solid diamond pieces to the last three hexagon blocks and sew those 'rows' onto the edges. 

Are my points perfect? No. I think I forgot to trim the new blocks down to size before I started assembling, otherwise I'm sure I'd have had them down pat. Do I mind? No. The quilt is 'crazy' enough that I'm not sure even I'll notice in the grand scheme of things when it's finished. Kepler at least seems ok with it. 

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