Monday, August 14, 2017

flamingo foot

I was looking around for my ball winder the other day and found this bundled up in the box along with it. I believe what happened was that when I reorganized my craft closet I decided that putting yet-to-be-blocked FOs in with the ball winder would be a nice reminder to block them. I suppose it worked because when I wanted to wind yarn to start another project the guilt trip of an unblocked project sitting around while I considered starting a new one was indeed too much to bear. Oh past self you are so wily. 

This yarn is acrylic so a steaming was in order. It's also huge and I don't have enough blocking boards or table space to accommodate huge, so I did it in halves. The piece is a rectangle which made it super easy to get blocking wires in and everything pinned out, straight edges everywhere. It didn't take long to get it all done, and it is looking much more presentable. It would have been fine without being blocked, but being stretched out really helped those loopy bits start to behave themselves more and it just helped even things out in the rest of the stitch patterns.

Having finished this last summer I lovingly decided to call it "Flamingo Foot" after a nickname my grandpa used to call me. The colors are just too perfect to not think of flamingos and Florida. Now that it's truly done it goes in the ever growing stack of self-made pieces that I get to wear! Much better than a box in the closet. 

Flamingo Foot shawl (my Ravelry page)
Pattern: Stitch Sampler Shawl
Yarn: Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in 'Parrot'
Needle: US 10
Size: 18" x 80"

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