Wednesday, May 15, 2019

a vacation project

At the end of April we headed east to Kentucky for a week and a half. I was pretty far along on my mosaic baby blanket and it was too big to really take on the plane and be comfortable. Soooo as has become vacation tradition, I started a new project the night before we left! Pack, start new knitting project. Makes sense, right?

I made a lot of progress on the plane and then had many relaxing moments during our stay in Kentucky to get all but the last lace panel done. I finished up a couple of days ago, about a week after we got back so that makes two and a half weeks from cast on to bind off. Whaaaat. That amazed me. I was always wondering how some of the folks on Ravelry could finish big projects in like two weeks. Now I know.... lots of time to sit and knit. 

I love the stripes but you know what that means.... ends! So many ends to weave in. Were I a more motivated human being I would have that done and this blocked already, but I want to work some more on that mosaic blanket before I tackle this mess. 

Kepler made very important contributions to the last sections of this project by keeping my yarn warm as I worked in the evenings after we returned home. I wonder if I can get him to help me weave in all those ends??? 

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