Wednesday, October 2, 2019

lilac tulips

This is another project like the Aslan cowl that I finished this summer and blocked this fall. I guess it's actually the last thing I made in our old place! I worked on it mostly through July - which was a crazy month where we got our first (!) house offer accepted, one cat was super sick, and Dave was traveling internationally. Definitely a comfort knit if there ever was one.

I got this yarn at the very first King's Mountain Art Fair I went to. It was a really pretty color of lace weight yarn that I bought with no plan whatsoever. Then a couple summers ago I remember going through my stash and winding some of the orphan yarns I had so I would be incentivized to use them. Then in February I went through my stash again and planned out some actual projects. This was one of them, but it took me bit to get to it! There are worse things in life than having a robust stash and too many things to knit. 

When I blocked it, the lace really opened up in the flower border and the whole piece naturally fell into a big circle. That shape makes for a really easy and natural wrap around the neck and the drape is just lovely. I really like the flower border - the pattern names them begonias, but I think they look more like tulips to me. Either way the color of this yarn suits it very well and the design is quite something. My flowers didn't block out as pointy as many others did, but I like the subtle curves in the edge rather than really dramatic points. Very happy with this yarn-on-a-whim project.

Pattern: Begonia Swirl, free on Ravelry (my Ravelry page)
Yarn: Schafenfreude Fibers Silken Lace in 'lilac'
Needle: US 4
Size: Blocked in circle 1 yard across, 14" deep when done

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