Friday, November 8, 2019

get basted

Oh so not my favorite part of making a quilt. But it's so much easier now in the new craft room, the gift that keeps giving. Instead of trying to do this on a dining room table, or a floor, or the tiny card table, I cleared off the counter-height cabinet and layered everything together there. Having the quilt be just the same width of the cabinet certainly helped since I could literally just stick the halfway line on top of the cabinet for each piece, unfold, and let gravity do it's work. 

There was obviously some smoothing along the way, but it took me less than half an hour to pin baste this and my back didn't protest once. Hallelujah. So now I have a quilt sandwich sitting there tempting me to get out my machine and start quilting. Problem is, while I know what I want to do to quilt it, I'm not sure yet about thread color. More thinking required! 

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