Tuesday, November 5, 2019

lucky stars, finished

I lucked out on this one. I wanted to make myself a quilt that was the same as the one I made my grandpa for Christmas in 2015. I had plenty of leftover of most of the prints, but unfortunately the background fabric and the remaining prints I needed were nowhere to be found. In fact, all of the fabrics weren't available anywhere I looked, online or otherwise. Bummed out but stubborn, I got to thinking. With the amount of scraps I had of background I could at least make one block of each color combination if I sized down from a 16" finished block to a 12.5" block for a decent sized wall hanging. Serendipity!

Thanking my past self for keeping all the bits and pieces of these fabrics together, it was quick work to piece together the blocks and then get the sashing and cornerstones sewn up. I had just the right size piece of batting in the closet and a good chunk of the metallic deer head backing fabric left. I got both backing and binding out of it, and I even have a bit left over for something else. I miss this fabric especially, please bring it back! 

I quilted the same way I did the original, 1/4" down the sashing and an 'x' through each block using white thread on top and variegated gold/brown on the back. I sewed the binding to the back and then finished it on the front with a straight stitch rather than zig zag so the deer still show. While I miss not having the quilt I made him, this wall hanging is a nice reminder that's cheering up the entrance to my craft room. 

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