Wednesday, March 11, 2020

a milestone in fog

Oh my goodness it's done. Today! I thought it would never end, but here it is in all it's draped glory. I had to run out and get one last skein of gray to finish this off (which makes 2 extra over the 10 that came with the kit) and then I put in on my calendar. That means business, folks. The concreteness of having "finish Forest Fog blanket" actually on my to do list on an actual day with a tangible checkbox next to it made it happen. 

So very many leaves! In a little act of karma because I've been complaining about them so much, the border for which I had carefully determined how many leaves I would require actually needed just ONE more after I got everything tacked down and attached. How appropriate that was. Looking forward to figuring out how to block this beauty. I think the leaves will once again be a source of consternation :). Much pinning in my future, methinks, but for now I'm off to start cutting for a quilt project I've been waiting to start...

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