Monday, March 22, 2021

horse show time

This past weekend, roughly a month post-surgery, our barn had a horse show. I was very bummed to not be able to participate with Bandit - it was one of my goals for the year before all of the drama - but Mom and I got involved by making some very cute prizes for first place. 

These zippered pouches were incredibly fun to make and play with color combinations. All it took was a few squares of fabric scraps and a short zipper from my big stash of colorful zips. I didn’t do anything fancy for the zipper installation. There are no tabs that cover the ends, just a quick and lazy install that turned out with the slightly curved tops where the zippers tuck into the seams. They look great and were low fuss. 

My favorite part was pairing up the inner and outer fabrics. There are certainly some unconventional combinations in there that look just fab. I wanted these to be fun prizes, so instead of just an empty pouch, we went in search of some puffy peppermints that most horses I know love. We filled each pouch to the brim with peppermints, zipped them closed, and displayed them all together in this bowl at the prize table. Each person who won a class got a pouch! Everyone enjoyed the show and also loved the treats.


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