Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tree hugging

This week's topic in handstitched class is English paper piecing. I had my first adventure with this technique earlier this year with a single star blossom quilt block inspired by a project on Rachel's blog. How nice is it that it's all circled around and I'm now taking a class with her? 

The project I chose to do in addition to the next round on my class quilt is a tote bag. There isn't a whole lot of EPP in this, but it makes up for that in awesomeness. Thursday night it was 'guys night' at our place, so I got to hole up in the sewing room and enjoy some undisturbed time to myself while listening to the comments of four grown men playing a video game. It was hilarious, and relaxing (and also not super well lit). 

I picked out fabrics, traced, basted, and pressed -- quite a lot for one evening!

I also got the tree trunk and branches stitched, the paper piecing done, and my canopy layout all planned. I took this photo so I remember where everything goes. And if that wasn't enough, I got about two thirds of the hexagons sewn down. Go me! I'm hoping to work on the quilt some this weekend, so this might sit for a few days while I ponder lining fabric and a layout for the back of the bag.

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