Thursday, December 13, 2012


I started this project when I started reading Anna Karenina last month. I'm done with the book, but still working on the knitting. The color of this red yarn is dramatic just like Tolstoy's work! 

This began as the solution to a simple knitting craving and has escalated. The simple part being a scarf based on a simple, repetitive yet striking pattern. However, as I was knitting this I kept thinking to myself: 'self, you have a lot of scarves already,' so I decided to stop this one short, quite literally, and make it into a buttoned cowl instead. I hope to find some nice buttons in my stash to make this look classy yet quirky. Oh, and also to figure out how to add button holes to the design. Maybe not necessary with those yarn-overs so nice and equally spaced.... this will depend upon the buttons.

To use up the rest of the yarn, I began a pair of mittens from the other end of the ball. I say other end because I haven't bound off the scarf portion yet. I'm waiting to see if I have enough yarn for both mittens first because the scarf/cowl can always get longer or shorter depending how much I have left. 

So now I have a mass of yarn that is as complex as the plot lines in Tolstoy's book but it should be sorted out soon. In contrast to the scarf, the mitten pattern I chose does not make for a simple project, so it's taking longer than anticipated. But at least they are easier than gloves. 

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