Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bohemian ideals

I love the movie Moulin Rouge. And Paris. And Ewan Macgregor, but I digress. When I saw the pattern Dinner in the Eiffel Tower shawl pattern on Ravelry I figured it was made especially for me. The lacework is inspired by the architecture of the Parisian landmark and quite dramatic looking but simple enough for my tastes. Also, the perfect topic for Valentine's Day because we went on our honeymoon in Paris. Ahhh Paris j'taime!

Meet Absinthe. The green reminds me of the fairy that appears with Christian and his friends as they celebrate the bohemian life in Monmartre with rather more of the green liqueur than is likely advisable. I cast on with this lovely silky merino yarn and have been enjoying every stitch so far!

It is going pretty quickly, though now that I say that I'll be starting on the next panel of lacework and slowing down. One of the stitches is somewhat awkward, and for whatever reason yarn overs on cable needles make my fabric stick at the junction points more. Irritating, but it may just be a fact of life. I may finish this my the end of the month, though. We'll see!

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