Friday, June 22, 2018

marking mother's day

Browsing Pinterest gives me more ideas than I could ever use, but it is really fun to save pretty pictures and craft ideas and revisit them later. Someone had saved a picture of what looked like miniature skeins of yarn that were made into stitch markers for knitting, and I thought it was a clever idea to try making my mom a set for Mother's Day. 

The hardest part was finding the rings to use as the actual marker, but a bit of time spent in the jewelry aisle at Joann's fixed that. I got myself some plain ones and these pretty twisty ones. The only other bits I needed to find in my stash were jump rings and my DMC floss. It took a bit to find a color combo (I like them all....) but I took a look at my Mom's Pinterest page on yarn and got an idea of the kinds of colors she'd been looking at. No surprise, lots of bright colors and rainbows! Then all it took was some wrapping and twisting (just like the "real thing") and a little bit of wrestling with the jump rings. It was super fun to put these together and really satisfying to see just how much they actually look like little hanks of yarn.

When I dug up my jump rings, I also found beads and other jewelry making things. Stitch markers are really just like earrings for knitting needles, so I made her a small set of sunflower markers too. The longer one will be handy for keeping track of the beginning of rows. 

I love the bumble bee markers I got gifted a few years ago and I use them all the time, so I hope Mom will get some use out of these. There are so many neat ideas I found when looking around for DIY markers, I'm sure I'll make some more this year. 

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