Monday, December 31, 2018

it's a wrap

This project was my airplane knitting for the flights out to Kentucky. Knowing that I didn't want to work on the mittens in the tiny plane seats, I started a few stitches of this the night before we left. Here it is on the bed of our super hip crash pad in Louisville all finished up. I got a lot done on the plane trip, and then working on it in the evenings I bound off with a day to spare. 

The pattern, while a little confusing the way it is written, is really quite simple. It is designed for those nifty long color change yarns - this is a Caron Cake. The stitch pattern changes with each color change along the yarn and voila you have a sampler. And just TWO ends to weave in! The confusing bit is in the way she notes the increases and marker placement. It's just increase on every wrong side row with a yarn over after the edging and keep your markers two stitches in from each edge so you remember to work the edge stitches. The rest of the words are really not necessary. The piece grows really fast since it's on size 10 needles and it's really rewarding to finish such a lovely thing in just a few days! I love the sampler effect and if you pick the right yarn, it ends up looking really trendy.

It blocked out well yesterday with just a light steaming. The lace sections hold their shape better and the whole thing drapes nicely now. All in all this was a fun knit that was ideal for chatting and coffee drinking. The stitch patterns were easy to memorize and there was no row counting necessary, just go until you run out of color. The hardest section is the lace shown in dark gray here, and I think I did that during a movie I was half watching, so there you go. Not that hard. Given that the cake I had was almost 400 yards, it's pretty big - 60" across that long edge and 30" from that down to the point. Very pleased with this, my last finish of 2018. More to come next year!

Pattern: Another Cake Shawl, free on Ravelry (my Ravelry page)
Yarn: Caron Cakes in 'Zucchini Loaf'
Needles: US 10
Size: 60" wide x 30" deep 

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  1. Thank you! I read the start of the pattern a million times and couldn't figure out what she wanted. I'm now humming along just fine.


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