Wednesday, December 26, 2018

jingle all the way

Well here is the answer to "what did she do with all of those Christmas balls???" Door hangings! (The deer head stayed at home with us but was also a cute place to take these pictures as well as where we hung ours this year).

I found the large bells at the beginning of the holiday season and snapped up a few with these in mind. Putting it all together was relatively simple; it just involved cutting some decorative twine, some square knots, and deciding the right relative length at which to hang everything. I thought there were hoops at the bottom of the bell too, but turns out I was wrong. Luckily stringing the twine through the bottom of the bell the way I have it doesn't affect the ringing at all.

First, the one we kept: Moose, Christmas Stocking, Squirrel

One for my brother's family: Decorating the Tree, New Snow, Hospitality

One for my parents: Halling Border, Mittens, Dovre

One for Dave's parents: Selbu, Christmas Bells, Poinsettia

I love the way these turned out, and I had so much fun making them. I am really glad I managed to make something for everyone this holiday. I love the handmade decorations and ornaments I have and enjoy remembering their makers every year when we deck our halls at home.

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