Monday, September 7, 2020

week twenty five

It has been unbearably hot. Like I’m crabby about it hot. It was so hot today (and the air wasn’t all that great either) we just stayed inside. I’m bummed for Dave that a three day weekend couldn’t be spent out doing fun things, but that’s just California right now. Hot and smoky.

To pass some of the time I pulled out my Halloween fabrics and started playing around. I have a ton of quilts and things saved on Pinterest as inspiration, but this time I pulled out some of the quilting magazines I have on the shelf and started browsing. This pattern came from a quilt in peaches and aquas that I thought would look pretty fun in these festive colors instead. And I didn’t have at all enough to make a whole quilt, so I decided to just try a few blocks. This combination has turned out the perfect size for a pillow cover for one of the gigantic pillows I covered for Independence Day. Serendipity! 

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