Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthday Skirts, part one

When I saw this pattern browsing online for some project ideas, I knew I was making a couple. My nieces have their birthdays in April, the perfect time of year for some cute, springy skirts. I also have this bad (?) habit of picking up cute fabric remnants when I see them and justifying it by saying 'oh that's ok it's for the girls'. Well the day has come where I'm making something 'for the girls' with those fabrics!

I imagine the whole process would go much faster using precut jelly rolls (2.5 inch strips), but really all one has to do is be willing to cut your own fabric in order to make these in any prints and combinations.

Combination #1
Combination #2
Turns out, the cutting is the hardest part! Piecing everything together goes really fast. I am going to add a bit of ribbon around the dropped waist on the inside to make it look more 'finished' and hopefully increase the amount of wear and tear they can take.

Here is a preview of the cuteness:

I'll have another post soon when I get them both finished.

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