Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Skirts, second finished

I'm a bit behind with the birthday mailing for my nieces... basically because it took me some time to find the oomph to sit down and start this second skirt. It's kind of like second glove/sock syndrome? Maybe not. I'm only one week behind; this way they'll get 'second birthdays' -- kind of like second breakfast.

It was raining outside, so here we have the skirt hanging off my craft cabinet

I honestly just haven't wanted to sit down and cut out 26 strips of fabric that are 2.5" wide. Cutting is not my favorite. But I did get that out of the way on Sunday afternoon so my evening Monday was spent with the much more engaging task of sewing everything together, and tonight I finished off putting in the elastic and sewing on the ribbon inside the waistband.

This kitty fabric was a fortuitous find while I was out looking for something else. Rather than a quilting type cotton, it is a lightweight kind of drape-y twill. It is very soft and nice to sew with. Samara in particular likes to ask about our cat, Jack, when we talk on the phone so I think she'll enjoy the little kitty portraits as a substitute for the real deal. The dark aqua solid keeps the whole thing from being too busy and provides a nice contrast to the peaches and pinks. Also, because the print is such a handy grid, I was able to cut cleverly so there is a nice little row of smiling cats around the dropped waist.

Jack, the inspiration behind use of the kitty fabric 

The colors in the skirt match fabulously with the hoodie vest I finished up on Sunday. An outfit made with love.

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