Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Purse, finished

It is amazing what you can find at the Daiso store. I was killing some time last weekend while Dave was at work and ended up there just to browse around. I ended up getting quite a few utilitarian things (a broom and long-handled dustpan set, gadgets to hang our mop/broom/swiffer on the laundry room wall) and some not-so-utilitarian things (japanese coffee!). The best part of this trip was finding the little craft section in the store. They had lots of random little notions, some felt, and.... bag handles! 

I'd been thinking hard about how to finish the little Easter purse I started for my niece and had settled on grosgrain ribbon handles until I saw these. I bought them without worrying about size (they were only $1.50 after all!) and checked the size against the purse body when I got home. Perfect!

I picked apart the top seams and after some hilarious attempts at trying to sew them in using my machine, decided to hand stitch them on. The machine stitching would have been possible if the two halves were not yet sewn together or if the bag was larger. As it was, the geometry didn't work out. The running stitch using embroidery floss looks cute, though!

Here's the finished bag, all ready for little hands to squirrel away little treasures. 

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