Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Well Stocked

I'm so proud of myself. I resisted the urge to buy fabric! I've mentioned that I signed up for this Handstiched Class... the decision was more than a little motivated by the lovely class quilt Rachel designed for it. One of the three options for each project set will include an installment in the quilt so we can use all of our learned skills to make a large project. What a great idea! At least, I thought so until I thought to myself "there's no way I can find enough solids in my stash to go with ... any of my prints"-- the supply list we got calls for like 8! The horror. 

So, I decided I would just do the other projects and come back to the quilt after the class was over and I had a concrete plan and some time to slowly acquire the fabric. Then somehow, a week later, a color combination just popped into my head. I have these two large cuts of linen in a light linen color and a bright blue -- let's do blues and neutrals! After taking another look at the quilt and a good gaze at the stash, I found 7 (!) solids that I think I'll have enough of to make it work: the two linens, two corduroys, white, turquoise, and green. I've got an open mind about those cords, they should add some interesting texture. 

Having the black corduroy means I can probably use the array of black and white prints I have, and I have lots of blues. I especially like how a couple of fat quarters from a bundle of muted fabrics I bought a while back have a new, brighter life in this context (3rd and 4th from the right). And just because I wanted some warm contrast to all the blue and green, out came some Summerlove and Heirloom bright oranges which, happily, also have some blue in them. I'm not sure which of those two I'll use for the center medallion, but it will be one of those for sure.

So now I'm all excited for class to start. Well, I was excited before, but I'm really happy I'll be able to work on this quilt now after all. And I'm pleased to have been able to assemble this lovely stack of fabrics without buying an inch! I'm excited to see how it all will come together, and I have lots of embroidery thread colors to play with, too. Fun!

All stacked up and ready to go!

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