Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aidez-ing Along

One of my goals from the last 100 days of last year was to knit enough of an Aidez sweater to know if I wanted to keep going. I did so, and I *do* want to keep knitting away at this one. It just seems so slow! I have to admit, before I pulled this out to photograph it in the wonderful light we had one afternoon, I was thinking of giving up. But now looking at this photograph, I see potential. And that fantastic orange color doesn't hurt, either. 

This yarn is coming off of a crochet jacket that I made back when my husband and I first met (wow! like, more than 5 years ago???). It was the first sweater I ever finished for myself, and was such a disappointment when I put it on and it was waaaay too bulky, especially under the arms. Saddened, I put it away in a cabinet for years trying to think up something to do with this beautiful yarn. I loved the color and texture, so tried a cabled blanket with it, but got one section done and ended up bored. I really wanted to *wear* this stuff, not end up with a pilled mess on my couch. 

Along came Aidez. This cardigan, the result of listless searching around on Ravelry for *something* to make with the bulky yarn that wasn't a scarf, hat, or bolero, seemed like the answer to my wants -  a challenging enough project to keep my interest (check) and a knitted project for this yarn that would mean the fabric wouldn't be as bulky as crocheted fabric (check). One person even used this kind of yarn for her sweater! I have high hopes, Aidez, high hopes indeed.

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