Thursday, January 3, 2013

Anticipating travel

Dave and I will be traveling a lot this winter. First off, there is the obvious holiday travel, and secondly we are hoping to be going on some interviews for professorships! At the last two conferences I went to I wised up and packed an extra bag for laundry. This came in handy for socks and things so they didn't get lost in the hotel rooms, left in the drawers, or mixed up with clean clothes.

My bag is just one of those freebie cloth backpacks (with the cord drawstrings attached to the bottom corners) from a dressage clinic I went to this summer. Since in all likelihood Dave and I will not be headed to the same places at the same time like we were able to in Boston, I decided Dave should have his own laundry bag.

I gave him free reign to pick whatever fabrics he wanted out of my stash. I must say I would not have put the three prints he picked out together, but I really like it! The bag is drawstring, lined with my favorite linen, and we have had the cord stashed away forever. Yay for finding a use for it!

It has the stamp of approval from Dave, and has already been put to good use on this holiday trip.

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