Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, new projects

Happy New Year! How time flies. It really feels like I was just home for the holidays LAST year. Lots has happened in between, though including travel for work, travel for play, finding a great instructor for horseback riding, and lots of crafting. I caught the knitting bug again this year which tumbled me right into my craft room and sewing again. It's been a really great creative outlet for me, and starting to 'diary' about it on this blog has been really fun and motivating, not to mention how it has opened my eyes to the online community of quilters, knitters, sewists, etc. that provide so much inspiration and encouragement.

Holiday shopping in Chicago

In the spirit of new beginnings and resolutions, I started a list of projects I've had on the back burner in my mind for a while that I'd like to keep track of over the next year and work on. So much comes through my brain almost daily as I read books, blogs, and Ravelry that I forget whatever I really wanted to do the week before.

Baby quilt - have fabric and design
Modern medallion quilting - basted and begun
Amsterdam quilt - have fabric and design, started piecing
Millie's closet quilt - have jelly roll, probably need a solid
Quilt using Indie fabrics - have fabric (oh how I love these fabrics)
make mom a quilt - know design from Shape Workshop book
Kyle and Lisa quilt 

voile tunics/blouses - have fabrics, need to find a good pattern and make a muslin first
Dave pajamas

Driftwood sweater
Aidez sweater - have yarn, started
Dave's gloves - have yarn
Dave's cardigan
crochet unicorns for V day - from scrap yarn
Echo Flower shawl in worsted weight - probably enough have yarn in a good color in stash
Rotation sweater - have yarn, started
entrelac cowl - have yarn

How quickly this list grew! This is by no means limiting but just something I want to return to every so often because for most of them I HAVE the fabric/materials already, excepting two sweaters and a quilt. I suppose in part, this is a resolution to work a lot from my stash and try to stay focused in terms of my 'big' projects.

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