Thursday, March 21, 2013


Some things we make are pretty, some are stunning, others are surprising, and some are just downright useful. Looking back on the past year of recording my thoughts and projects, I've seen a little bit of all of these in my work. This little project is pretty much as downright useful as it comes. With a touch of surprising thrown in for good measure.

Dave wanted a streamlined wallet to carry around in his pocket when he goes into the clean room at work, just enough to hold a few credit card-sized items. I have a leather one of these somewhere that I got years ago when I graduated from college (wow, is the 10 year reunion really coming up???) and figured I could try making him one of those.

I browsed around the web sure there was a tutorial for making exactly what I was thinking up, but to no avail. I did end up reading a few things here and there to get an idea of how to construct to pockets properly, even a tea bag holder (!), but in the end of course I just ended up doing my own thing anyhow. All of the reading was of course great to get a feel for how to get started, though.

I pulled out some manly looking scraps, gray and white prints that Dave has expressed a like for in the past, and set to trimming, pressing, and seaming. I threw in a dash of bright orange for a little bit of color. The pockets and lining are quilting weight, and the main print for the back and main piece of the front bit is a home dec-ish weight.

I started out with one pocket too many, but it was an easy fix to go back and rip it out and trim everything up again. The front piece was constructed separately from the back piece and everything was attached together with an edge stitch around three sides, of course leaving the top open for insertion of money.

Pretty pleased with how this one turned out, I may be making some for Father's Day.....


  1. That's a good idea, looks great! Does it have a closure or is it just open at the top? PS I just hate those Captcha's....

    1. Oh my! Somehow that captcha setting must have changed itself... I hate them too, thanks for letting me know I took that verification off. Yikes.

      It does not have a closure, it is open. The pocket is tight enough that things stay inside it, and it's easy access. Not good for coins but just fine for bills and/or receipts.


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