Saturday, September 28, 2013


I need to learn that every time I go into my favorite area yarn shop (Nine Rubies in San Mateo -- before I organized my stash this week!) I change my mind and leave with something different than I intended. This time, instead of yarn for a cable scarf I left with yarn to make a cowl. They had a sample worked up over by the Malabrigo Mecha in the loveliest blue-green. The handy tag on the piece told me the object of my affection was a Casu Cowl and the pattern is free on Ravelry. Bonus!

The reason I headed out to acquire more yarn was because I wanted to make fast projects, meaning bigger yarn. I've been on a sock yarn kick and that just isn't going to fly off the needles the way bulkier yarn will when I'm on a tight deadline. The Mecha is new to me, but I'm already looking for more projects to use it on. The instant gratification is kind of nice, and boy is the yarn pretty. Sadly, there was no more of the particular sample color in stock (ain't that always the way?) but I did find a beautiful navy called Prussian blue. The eventual recipient is rather fond of dark blue, so it works out.

I actually think the yarn just MAKES this project. The stitch definition is awesome and the color variations in the yarn make the piece practically glow. The depth of color is why the sample piece caught my eye, for sure.

The pattern for the cowl is relatively easy, but it packs a visual wollop. Moss stitch and lacy panels are juxtaposed to make a fabric that I think works wonderfully to provide dense coverage around the neck (the moss stitch) while being really drapey (the lace). This way you can have a satisfyingly wide cowl that is solid yet flexible negating the need to peek out from behind your knitting as it hugs your face up to your forehead. 

After a light steam blocking, the cowl measures 7 inches wide and 48 inches in circumference, enough to wrap around twice and hug close to the neck. I think this will do nicely for barn wear on chilly mornings!

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