Saturday, February 29, 2020

leap day loveliness

Today is Leap Day! That also means it's the end of National Embroidery Month, so I've got an afternoon of stitching planned to get my trees and clouds finished on this little piece of awesome.  

I'm not certain how the clouds will turn out, but I did find a set of yarn leftovers in my stash that I think will combine nicely to make the illusion of a sunset. I'm loving the colonial knot work so far and I think at least my first yarn choice is spot on. I decided not to do the stump work because when I saw it on the videos I thought it stuck out weirdly and looked a little out of place. The knots themselves are enough without the extra poofiness. My goal is to be done with everything but the braids tonight so I can soak off the magic paper. Stitch on!

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