Monday, July 13, 2020

week seventeen

It's funny that as much as I resisted making masks at the beginning of all of this, I've been making them pretty often lately. And I've even had a bit of fun with it. Is that permissible? Matching fabrics, playing with color, and finishing something quickly has been the fun part, at least.

This latest batch is for a friend who requested "professional" ones, but I couldn't resist making him a couple of fun ones as well. I figure the grays are pretty good for those work calls and the plaid flannel lining is inoffensive and will be hidden anyway. The green mountain one matches one I made for his daughter a week or so ago, and the sushi is a combo that I've used for Dave and I enjoy a wide smile every time he wears it so I figured it was worth a share.

We went by their house yesterday for a socially distant lunch, some pool time, and meeting their new puppy so I got these done on Friday and tucked them in my bag to remember. It was a nice time and was fun to see some people face to (masked) face, but I couldn't help but still feel strange being out and about. I suppose that too shall pass, just like this pandemic will eventually. It is odd to feel conflicted about seeing friends again, though. The puppy, however, was a universally wonderful experience.  

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