Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day May

I started out the month with such enthusiasm and gusto and then got pretty sick for a couple weeks which halted my plans to start my new quilts or even work on my knitted shawl. Bummer.

But to put it all in perspective this month Jack, my beloved cat of the last seven years, was put down. He was my roommate and my confidant before I got married and quickly worked his way into Dave's heart as his go-to video game buddy. It was quite sudden which makes it difficult for us humans, but we are thankful he was not feeling ill for long. He is and will be missed terribly. 

So it's been real quiet around here this month and I've been spending a lot of time on the floor playing with Newton our young cat to cope, but I do have a few pretty finishes to show from early in April that I am quite proud of.

I was very excited to see the doll quilts come together for my nieces. They certainly were fun projects to test out new skills on and were well received at the party, I hear! My biggest triumph this month was completing our Amsterdam picnic quilt. The little white cats in the light green blocks are now bittersweet reminders of Jack, but I think it is fitting that he will always be frolicking through tulips with us. We took it out and had a picnic on the Oval at Stanford to clear our heads the day after we let him go. It was a beautiful day and a special way to inaugurate our new favorite quilt. 

For this month, I am not sure I will get a whole lot of sewing done, though I will work on quilting that baby quilt once I get my bee block commitments completed. I am defending my thesis in just three short weeks and have a lot of writing to do! I think there is some more knitting in my immediate future, specifically my Color Affection shawl which is coming along quite nicely. 

Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts

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