Sunday, May 22, 2016


I finished this cowl not long after I wrote about it last and had the light to snap a couple pictures just today. The coral color reminds me of some of my favorite tulips I saw in the Keukenhof, so the moniker Tulip has stuck. 

I've mentioned this before, but I really like the yarn. It is buttery soft and squishy with some real weight to it. It also drapes beautifully. I could definitely see this yarn working up into a nice spring/summer garment, or any of the shawls I like to work on so much. The colors are so pretty and have some nice subtle tonal variation. I may have found a favorite gray! The cotton/silk blend was an experiment to see if I liked working with and wearing something I'm less sensitive to than wool. Thumbs up! I don't think it will work for every project since it doesn't hold much 'structure' but I'll be happy to work with it some more. 

The pattern was a fun one with not only stripes of color but also stripes of differing patterns that kept me wanting to knit until each next section. I think my favorite bit is that lace panel in gray, small but mighty. In the end the whole thing is rather like a colorful chimney. I'm looking forward to wearing it some time soon. I think it will look rather nice against navy.

I have to give credit to Dave for picking out the yarn, the colors, and the pattern. We were wandering around a new yarn shop and this was one of the samples. It was worked up in super soft cashmere yarn in similar colors - the gray and green were darker and the coral was more of a pink. At any rate, we both really liked it and Dave helped me pick out the yarn as I wandered around the shop wondering what I wanted to make with other things. "You really like that. So you should make that" Makes so much sense, doesn't it? 

Pattern: Three Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli (my Ravelry project page)
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk in Coral Beach, Shell Beach, and Limon
Needles: US Size 4

Monday, May 9, 2016

just a few more rows

My current knitting project is perfect for evenings on the couch watching Midsomer Murders. Dave and I made it through all the seasons a while ago, so we are revisiting the early days! It's been fun. Also great knitting time that makes the inches on this cowl go by. It's unusual in that it's a single circle but verrrrry tall! The pattern is also very simple so even trying to figure out whodunit doesn't prevent me from also being accurate in my work.

This project brought to you by Dave... he picked out the yarn, the pattern, and even got me those lovely rosewood needles. What a guy. One fun observation I've made is that the green and gray pop against each other during the day, but are harder to tell apart in the evening under our lights. Funny, no? Ah the mysteries of color. I had some initial misgivings about that because I've mostly been knitting at night, but after taking it out in the natural light on the patio to work one afternoon I remembered just how bright the green really is! It will be just fine. 

I'm hoping to have this bound off by the end of the week, which would be exciting. I think the cotton will make this quite wearable this summer. Just a few more inches to go!