Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I sat down last night on the floor of the sewing room with my cutting mat and some fabric to make some more beaded necklaces for holiday gifts. We had to pack away the card table last weekend for a house guest, so the sewing machine is temporarily on my desk. It worked just fine for little bits of sewing, but it sure isn't a solution for a quilt!

I've been so wrapped up with work lately; it was nice to sit down and make something. Fabric strips became tubes which got turned inside out and filled with beads. My hands hurt a little bit this morning from wrestling with the knots but I'd say it was worth the relaxing hours.

I need to go purchase some more grosgrain ribbon to finish off the ties. It holds the tie better than the silkier ribbon, I find. Then the next thing is to make some bags to gift them in. It's fun playing with small projects!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Checking In

Kelsey Sews

Well halfway is here and I'm about halfway through my list of things to do. 8 finishes, 10 more to go! These next 40-something days or so are going to be rather full of travel and other commitments, so it will be interesting to see how much I can tick off. I'm not too worried about most of the projects except the ones earmarked for holiday gifts.

During the first 50 days, I worked in a few projects here and there that weren't part of the list (I did not post them here), and I've got some small projects for the holidays that I have added. I also started two new knitting projects (no deadlines) and bought a bunch of yarn. There's actually a reason for this -- I'm going to be traveling for work again at the end of November and the sewing machine is kind of hard to fit on those tray tables. :o)

Here's how I've done so far!

Hand stitching:

Modern Medallion quilt - hand quilting   -  purchased batting
Embroidery hoop kit - start

Yarn work:

Portland cowl - finish

Aidez sweater - knit enough to know if I want to keep going - yes! it looks like this yarn will work, no plans to finish the whole thing before the end of the year though

scrap yarn blanket for donation to animal shelter - start
Temair throw - finish already! (sew motifs together)

At the machine:

Covered bead necklace for me - start & finish

Stuffed animal for baby girl - start & finish

Riding boot bag - start & finish 

Amsterdam quilt top - start

Voile/flannel scarf - start & finish (Xmas)

Tote for Samara - start & finish (Xmas)

Garment bag - finish - purchased zipper and grommet
Baby quilt for Anna - start, finish by February - purchased fabric, know what pattern it will be
Flannel pjs for me - start & finish
Apron - start & finish (Xmas)
Pencil roll up for Jasmine - start & finish (Xmas)
Laminated cotton tote for barn - start & finish (Xmas)
Fabric necklaces & gift bags (at least 5) - start & finish (Xmas)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day November

Whew! It was a rather full October this year! The first half of the month I got a lot of crafting done. This held me over through the last few weeks while I was immersed in work and travel. Here's a look at what I got done:

I made quite a dent in my 100 Day Hustle list. It was nice to have that to refer to and focus my efforts on things I really wanted to get done. In my post at the beginning of October I mentioned I wanted to at least start on my Amsterdam quilt (check!) and baste my yet-to-be-named Modern Medallion quilt (I bought batting...) but I accomplished much more than that! I think my favorite finish is the Portland cowl, it has become a frequent accessory. Also that boot tote has been enormously handy.

This month I'm excited to get started on a baby quilt for my good friend Anna, which I bought fabric for a few weeks ago, and work on some Christmas gifts on my list. Also, baste the Medallion quilt :o) 

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