Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flannel fun

When the ladies at the Purl Bee posted this crochet-edged flannel blanket project, I immediately filed it away for later. (i.e. Pinned it.) Who doesn't love a quick project like that?

Some dear friends of ours welcomed a little girl into their lives at the beginning of September, and it's high time I got something made for her. I took a piece of cute printed flannel I've had for a while (since my nieces were little) and decided to try out the crochet edging. 

My guess is the flannel in the tutorial is a bit looser woven than this stuff because boy howdy my hands got tired quick. The hook I used (size D) is also a bit bigger than the one recommended (size A) but this was the smallest one I had on hand. It's a little bit fiddly going, much slower than I'm used to crocheting but I like the way it turned out. 

The single layer of flannel (32" x 42") will be a perfect light cover up for the California days, which don't get too cold, and maybe a nice companion for snoozing at night. I hope she enjoys the colorful little characters, and her little fingers find interest in the textured edges. Now to make an animal or something to go with!

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