Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pedals, Polka Dots, and Patchwork complete!

Well that was fun. I had a really great time with this quilt from start to finish. The fabrics and colors are bright and quirky, and I will remember the shop in Portland where I got them with fondness. Ah a house full of modern fabrics... how awesome. Also, this is the first time I struck out to design (I use the term loosely) a quilt of my own. It's not like the patchwork blocks are anything new, but even though it is simple I hope I added some of my own (developing) style into this top.

The backing print from Ikea was quite a find. It was on great sale and the gray and geometrical feel are perfect. I'm picky about my grays, too. I quilted enough to hold everything in place, but not so much that the quilting added to the busy-ness of the front. The diagonal lines through the blocks with a straight shot across the linen stripes was actually Dave's idea! I was going to do both sets of diagonals, but when I finished this first direction I liked how it looked like lanes on a road to me. The bikes have somewhere to go! Kudos to him as well for modeling.

I finished it all off with binding in Metro Dots. I didn't realize how much I like this print. I could certainly use a set of all the colors! Zigzag binding a la Rachel made fast work of the binding; I finished up after work one evening and have been waiting for free time with sunshine to take pictures. The wedding isn't for a week, so I get to have this lovely thing cheering up my home for a bit. Lucky me! Also, preview below of another exciting finish from this week. Woot.

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  1. I love this. I love the bright and fun nature of the patchwork, but how you added it to the calming squares and then the linen strips just make it all work so well. Great job!


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