Friday, September 7, 2018

even quicker

While my recent cowl and mittens finishes were pretty quick, I sat down today to watch the US Open with something even quicker!

Most patterns call these things "face scrubbies" but I'll just call them cotton rounds. I had some bits and pieces of leftover cotton that have been hanging around forever and I thought I'd try making myself some of these rounds to replace the disposable ones I've been using for my face toner. I'm not totally convinced I will never turn back, but I do love using all the dishcloths Mom has made me in the kitchen, so why not give it a go? 

These little guys were super fun to make, and quite addicting! I managed to work through ALL of my leftover cotton. I even enjoyed weaving in the ends. What is wrong with me?! 

These rounds were made with two SC rounds and one DC round. I like that they are simple and sturdy. Hopefully they'll hold shape well through washes and dry out well between (i.e. not get stinky before laundry day). 

These last three were made using two rounds of puff stitches and one round of SC. I don't think these will dry out quite as well as the others but the puff was too fun not to try. My Ravelry page has a few more details as well as links to the two patterns that I used as guides, and there are a bunch of patterns out there for various sizes and textures. 

All in all these were a really relaxing and satisfying use of time today! True potato chip project -- almost literally -- they aren't much bigger than a chip themselves and I could make a whole bag. It was also fun to get back together with my crochet hooks. Sewing is also making a comeback! More on a quilt top soon.

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