Friday, September 28, 2018

warm ears

I had 30-something yards or so leftover from each of the yarns my nieces picked out for their mittens, so I decided to make a matching headband for each of them. 

It took some time to find patterns that matched the weight and yardage I had, but in the end I like the two I found. Each only took a few hours to make and they turned out super cute!

This one is a pretty geometric lace pattern that I thought matched the triangle motif in Samara's dragon themed mittens quite well. I needed a little more yarn than I had so I used a bit of the turquoise from Jasmine's pick. I do like the pop of color at the back!

For Jasmine, I chose a simple cabled band to go along with her mittens which are pretty much cables all over the place. The bulky yarn makes for satisfyingly squishy cables and the stitch definition is awesome. 

For each of these patterns I did this weird made up thing to connect the two ends together. I turned the band inside out, picked up stitches through the cast on row while simultaneously k2tog with the active row which left me with one active row of stitches off of the closed band. Then I just did a traditional bind off of those stitches. This gave me a nice seam on the outside, a sturdy join, and a clean and neat edge for the seam on the inside. I'm sure someone somewhere has done that before, but I was pretty pleased with myself for coming up with it. 

Time to pair these up with their mitten mates and send them off!

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