Monday, September 10, 2018

yarn diet. riiiiight....

Last year I was aiming to be really good and work on projects using yarn from my stash rather than acquiring more shiny new yarn. According to my Ravelry stash page, I did pretty good! I had no new yarn in 2017 until Art Fair weekend in September when I got some more Serenipidye yarn. I was aiming to keep it going in 2018, which was going well until this summer when Dave and I wandered into Fengari on one of our sojourns to Half Moon Bay; and again when my folks came to visit; and again at Art Fair this month. This yarn diet thing is hard!  

To my credit, I notice I've been buying yarns that I don't really have - i.e. the big squishy kind - rather than more sock yarn. Except those couple of hanks from Art Fair - one has sparkles, how do you resist? The other lovelies in that pile are Malabrigo Mecha (top 2 and bottom) and one Madelinetosh DK weight (deep purple) that are just gorgeous variegated skeins that I can't wait to dive into. Apparently I'm in a cool colors mood? 

Also as I've been puttering around the kitchen more I've noticed some of my dish cloths have had better days. Time for some new ones! Mom crocheted me a few great ones that I want to try to make more of,  hopefully I can get the pattern from her to do that. And for that we need cotton! These are some fun and bright colors that will look nice in the kitchen.

It was good to take stock of the newbies and realize that I actually did pretty good this year, too. What this also prompted me to do was take out the stash and reorg a little bit. I now have a separate box that has my leftovers in it nice and neatly arranged. Now when I want to do some stash busting I have all my options in front of me at once rather than having to dig through the basket. This way even if I don't have much of a particular yarn I know what I have hanging around that I can combine it with. I feel some color work coming on! 

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