Friday, October 12, 2018

fair isle fanatic

Wednesday, I started a thing. 

Yes, those are leftover balls of yarn from past projects, and yes I'm patting myself on the back for yet another scrap buster project in the works. These vibrant colors are going to work themselves into some stranded colorwork mittens. I had so much fun with the little bit of fair isle in the socks I just finished that I wanted more! I've had this pattern in my Ravelry favorites for a while, saving it for the time when I felt like I knew what I was doing enough to try it out. They are deliciously complicated looking, but really not that bad. Or I've improved a lot in my knitting skills. Likely both. 

In just TWO afternoons I had a finished mitt minus thumb. I can feel it in my hands, for sure, but the knitting was just so addictive. The best part so far is the all over heart pattern on the palm, though I suspect I'm going to like the detail that goes up the thumb even more once that's done. I also love the color combination and how the green pops against the plum background.

Going to rest my hands a little bit after the ill-advised marathon on these, but I'm heading out on a plane soon so I still want to take something along. Maybe if I take something that isn't on tiny needles and doesn't require carrying a color in each hand I'll be better off. I don't think the Shetland shawl is a good candidate since it's at a pretty fiddly stage of development, so it's back to the stash to sniff out a new project!

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