Tuesday, October 30, 2018

hand stitched

Monday Night Football and embroidery? Sure, why not! I went rummaging through the little storage ottoman in our living room and found this gem at the bottom. I had the felt flowers attached and embroidered a little bit of the chain stitch vines, but not much else. It was looking sort of empty, so I got my creative juices flowing and added some more while the game was on.

I'm pretty sure I started this before this blog even started... 2011? 2010? At any rate, a long time ago. The background is just three scraps of fabric I sewed together and the flowers I cut out and embellished freehand. The embroidered curlicues are a fun whimsical finish, and I even managed to stitch a couple of flower buds in them. I just need to trim and fix the fabric in the hoop and then decide if I want a ruffle around it or not. Maybe? Not sure yet, but super happy with the stitching! A fun relaxing evening.

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