Friday, October 26, 2018


Before we headed out for our week in Kentucky, I did manage to find a project to get started that could come on the trip with me. I have had this pretty variegated yarn in my stash for a while now - pretty sure Dave's mom bought the two skeins for me. I left on day one with this...

...and came back a week later with a mostly finished project. It took just a couple more days to finish the last few rows. It doesn't really need a blocking, but I might do it just to see if that helps the top edge stop curling under. 

When I was looking around for projects to pair with this yarn, another person on Ravelry had made this shawl with this exact yarn. It looked so nice from her photos that I decided it was the thing to make. I'm sure this would have knitted up nicely too, but the yarn suits the crochet stitches so well. I think it must be the silk in the blend as well as the lovely muted colors that makes it look the way it does. The word I keep thinking of is "creamy". 

The original pattern does not call for the shell edging but I liked the way it looked on the inspiration project, so shells we have. They finish off the whole thing really nicely and I think will help the way it drapes by giving more weight to the edge. I originally thought this was just a gray and beige mix, which made me think of the sandy planet Tatooine in Star Wars (it also helped that the original crocheter called hers Clone Wars - word association anyone?), but looking closely the grays also include some blue-ish and purple-ish hues as well. Is it really a muted rainbow and not a sandy planet? Still, Aunt Beru's drink she served at breakfast was kind of a blue-ish/purple-ish color from what I can remember, and the twin moons were certainly that pretty dusty orange, so Tatooine it is. 

Pattern: Wrap Me in Ice Cream Shawl (my Ravelry page)
Hook: US H (5 mm)
Yarn: Knitting Fever Indulgence 6 ply w/ Silk in '10'

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