Monday, November 5, 2018

another kind of stitching

One of the first crafts I can remember learning from my mom was cross stitch. I've done quite a bit of it in the past and finished some pretty cool looking pieces. My favorite was a clownfish in an anemone that I made for my grandpa. It took forever! But it looked so cool. It's not something we see very often anymore, but I have noticed it more and more recently - especially witty motifs in small hoops. Maybe some of those will have to make their way onto my walls!

Along with the unfinished felt embroidery I found in the storage ottoman, I also found a small cross stitch project that was nearly finished. This is one of those wall hanging pieces stitched on plastic canvas. All I needed to do was cut it out, make the red cording, and assemble all the pieces. Quickest finish of the year!

Having gotten a taste of it again, I went looking in my closet for more. It is a great break from knitting for my hands while still giving me something to do in the evenings. I found a couple of options, including some Christmas ornament kits, but I settled on this non-holiday project. 

This is a kit I remember my grandmother giving me. It is a scene of a shelf full of Victorian items. She had already sorted and labeled the thread and started it, but did not want to keep working on it. She did the swan, and now I get to add on the rest! It's a pretty special find, and one that I'll enjoy working on in the months to come. Witty avocado pictures will have to wait. 

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