Friday, November 30, 2018

another batch

I'm wrapping up November with another batch of Christmas balls. They look a little bit like cookies out of the oven, don't they? 

These six are: Poinsettia, Christmas Bells, Selbu, New Snow, Hospitality, and Decorating the Tree out of the 55 Christmas Balls to Knit book. I believe this makes 13 so far. That's almost 25% of the book! I've found some favorites for sure; Halling Border, Selbu, and New Snow being a few of them. I also really like how the checkered skirts on the tree decorating people look.

The yarn I'm using is just an acrylic Loops & Threads dk weight from Michael's. I'm pretty sure that's the store brand. It's really soft and pleasant to work with and I'd totally use it for other projects too. I'm filling with polyester fiberfill I had in my closet, which I need more of now that I've made a bear and 13 julekuler. Wool yarn and batting would be nice too, but this is just what was affordable and accessible when I was looking around for materials. This batch brings me almost to the end of a ball each of red and white - a little goes a long way! I did go out and get one more of each, so there will definitely be more on their way though I am going to set these aside and work on something different next. (!!!)

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