Wednesday, February 20, 2019

pom pom progress

My pom pom makers finally came in the mail, and I spent an evening watching tennis matches and winding many yards of yarn. I thought about other ways of making pom poms like forks or cardboard, but when I went looking for these guys they aren't that expensive and seem like they make it easier. It takes a little bit of thinking to get the first one down given all the movable bits and pieces, but I got the hang of it in no time. I used hand quilting thread to tie them together, I'm hoping that will be strong enough to hold once they are attached. Quilting thread should be strong, right??

Turns out if you make big pom poms, you need more yarn! Of course that's true, but I didn't realize just how much yarn these 3 3/8" poms would eat up. From one ball of 277 yards I got 8 very satisfyingly poofy poms with some (not much) leftover yardage for attaching. I was hoping for 14 for 7 on each of two sides, but I'm going to start with these and see how I feel about it. I can always go get more gold yarn, or I have some peach I used in the last row of the mosaic that I could use for more. We shall see!

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