Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Lest it seem like I've abandoned my knitting needles in favor of hexagon piecing…. another knit for the office! Third time's a charm. 

Tara found this really amazing looking leaf scarf while googling for a knit project she wanted me to make. "Can you make this?" turned into a few hours of searching around for a pattern. I managed to find the Anthro-inspired scarflet pattern on Ravelry (my go-to resource) and I had this pretty blue yarn in my stash. 

I'm about halfway through it and having loads of fun. I got those short bamboo needles recently from a colleague who was getting rid of knitting supplies, and I have to say it's kind of nice to knit on straight needles for a change. It's important that they are short, though or else I could totally see my hands getting really tired. Anyway, love them. The pattern is going to be pretty monotonous for the next 12 inches or so but it's a nice project for me to get back to watching my shows with. I'm behind on Downton. And I haven't even started the next season of House of Cards. I know, rough times, indeed.

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