Sunday, January 31, 2016

commence operation moonraker

Having finished quite a few projects recently, both quilts and knits, I am treating myself to something new. This one will be a Moonraker, a fun and colorful asymmetrical wrap. I'm using a couple cakes of green that have been hanging around in my stash and taking the chance to use up some leftovers.

The pattern is pretty simple since it's mainly in garter stitch, but there are these neat little bobbles of contrasting color that are certainly anything but typical stitches. I'm a few rows in and I can tell this one will be a fun knit. I think if I keep at it little by little over the next few weeks I might have myself a fantastic St. Patrick's Day accessory. 


  1. That is an interesting stitch...a little fan it looks like.

    1. They are like little fans! Or tiny daisies

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