Monday, August 20, 2018

blueberry wine, finished

So excited about this finish! I started this on April Fool's Day and finished just a few days into August. And it is lovely. I recall the feeling of excitement I felt when I cast this one on: new shiny project, super awesome yarn, 'ooh it's not my one-color enormous shetland shawl'. Then somewhere along the way it gets put down amid vacations, house guests, life, all the things, and ack it's almost Mom's birthday! And she's coming to visit! Better finish it up.

I was really good and did not post *any* work in progress pictures or posts or anything while this was working its way off the needles because I didn't want to ruin the birthday surprise. Success! In true me-style, I did block it with her while she was visiting.... but that was just bonding time, ok?

I am really digging the triangle shawl in general. The size seems to turn out great every time and I think this style drapes on shoulders and around necks really nicely and also securely. The center fabric of this Ulmus, which has a bunch of slipped stitches and ribbing, is super squishy and weighty. It didn't even really need the block, but of course the lace border did. The pattern opened up nicely with a good steaming and I'm glad I changed my mind and made the border with this pretty variegated yarn instead of the solid. These yarns were from a lady at the King's Mountain Art Fair and I'm excited to go see her again this year and get some more of her lovely work!

Happy birthday Mom :) 

Blueberry Wine Shawl
Pattern: Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur (my Ravelry page)
Yarn: Serendipidye King's Mountain Sock in 'claret' and 'blue denim & blueberry'
Needle: US 5
Size: 52" wide x 26" deep

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