Thursday, September 13, 2018

color play

This whole stash cleaning thing really did work! I found myself another set of yarns to get me to fewer leftovers and more experience with color work. This time I'm making myself some socks - real loud, hot pink socks. Hopefully I can use them for riding.

I've been working at the table after breakfast, in bed before sleep, and on the couch while listening to Dave practice his guitar. I just can't put these down! I think it has a lot to do with the flamingo color. So fun. The fair isle pattern at the top also had something to do with it -- once you start a row you want to see the next one until the pattern emerges. I have to admit that watching a lot of Arne and Carlos on YouTube gave me the gumption to try this pattern rather than choosing something simpler. I'm such a visual learner. When I saw them work their beautiful Norwegian patterns, it took away the intimidation factor. After all, it's all just knit stitches!

I am hoping I have enough of the pink to get myself through two socks. To make me a little more comfortable with that possibility, I shortened the leg a little bit and am working the heel in the gray. I've done afterthought heels in other colors, which are super simple to make sense of. This pattern uses a heel flap/turning heel method so looked up the best way to make a contrasting heel rather than changing the pattern. Answer: start at the heel flap and end when you pick up stitches for the gusset. 

I looked back and I think this is my first attempt at a fair isle pattern. How exciting!

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