Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I opened a birthday present early. 

I've been watching all of Arne and Carlos's YouTube videos lately. They are just a hoot and a half, and I love their approach to knitting: "does it work? does it look ok? then that's how you do it!" They've certainly given me the gumption to try some things that I thought were too hard (ahem, fair isle mittens) and have woken up the creative bug again. This book of Christmas balls (julekuler) is one of their first to be published, and I have been eyeing it ever since I watched their tutorial video. Dave's parents sent it to me. 

When it came in the mail I went out and got some red and white yarn so I could get started. They look really fiddly, but if your'e comfortable on double pointed needles then you've got the hardest part down. They definitely benefit from being steam pressed - don't be skipping that step. I did a lower temperature press because this yarn is acrylic, but it still smoothed out lumps and bumps. Stuffing and finishing is very easy to do despite the fact that it seemed confusing when I read it. Watch the tutorial. 

The first pattern I chose was the squirrel because Dave has been requesting we do a "woodland creatures" theme for our holiday decorating for the last couple of years. I think we might be able to oblige this year! These are super addictive and I'm really looking forward to making more of these. I already know which one I'm doing next. What I really like about this book is, similar to their overall goals as designers, they have included traditional motifs as well as some quirkier and more modern designs so I both learn something about Norwegian knitting and also get to have some fun. More to come!

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